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The History of St. Nicholas and Christmas

Date Added: November 20, 2008 08:53:43 AM
Author: yoru
Category: Christmas

The history of St. NicholasIn the town of Patara lived a long, long time a boy, whose name was Nicholas. Father and mother died unfortunately in a nasty illness, thereby Nicholas was crying day and night. The parents left him great wealth: gold, silver, precious stones, estates, castles and palaces. Even horses, sheep, donkeys and other animals he owned. But he was still very sad and could be on his wealth not pleased. His employees wanted to cheer him. The Tutor anerbot to him to demonstrate his locks. The equerry wanted with him on the finest horses from the disputed lands. The Master Chef said that he could but for all children of the rich city to prepare a delicious meal. But Nicholas wanted to know nothing of anything. Even the animals sensed that he was sad. They crowded him. Tired of crying, he wanted to lay down to sleep. Since he joined with the foot to a Tonkrug in which many scrolls stuck. One of them grabbed it and began to read. "There was a rich man who lived in magnificent and joys. There was also a poor man who stood before his door and just wanted to seed the bread from the rich tables fell. But this Irin they did not. It happened that the arms died. He was welcomed by the angels in heaven worn. Even the Rich died. But there were no angels, to fetch him. "I do not equal the rich man in history, Nicholas thought. I'm nicely dressed and live in abundance.

Beggars outside the gate when I forgot. Tomorrow I will get up early and me to scout them. In the morning he crept out to the palace. After the gate, he found the poorest of the city, ragged, ill and miserable.When she saw him, she hands stretched forward. Nicholas wanted in the pockets, but at his embroidered Kleide there were none. He hurriedly disbanded the heavy gold chain from the neck, pulled from the ring finger and gave it to them. He slipped from the upper garment, the colorful rock, and the sandals away everything. Happy he went home. He was happy again.Nicholas had to sew his clothes pockets.

Enjoying he slipped in his, wide, red coat and walked at night through the garden. He filled his pockets with nuts, apples and tangerines. Again he crept from the palace, went to the poor and distributed everything. With 12 years Nicholas was far away in the school. Famous teachers taught him and instructed him in the Scriptures. Where hardship and misery he saw, he gave with full hands. But he did so in secret each.As he once to worship in the church came, the words were read out to Christ to the rich young man had said: "Will you belong to me, then you give away everything belongs to the poor." About these words had often thought of Nicholas. Now it could no longer go. He called the majordomo, ordered him money and goods to distribute to the poor.Because he wanted to open up to the Holy Land, where our Lord had lived.

Nicholas suffered on his pilgrimage often great distress With all hungry, but he always remained cheerful. He moved through the country and preached the word of God.  He told the children stories from the Bible. One day he returned home in the back. In Myra war der alte Bischof Myra was in the old Bishop died.When they saw Nicholas asked you who he was. I am a servant of Christ Nicholas, he replied.  As we led him into the house of God and appointed him bishop. When he came back into the open, stood his old, gray donkey at the door. From then on he was his faithful companion. Nicholas cared for the faithful as a shepherd for his sheep.
In times of danger, he preached the Christians to lonely places and they strengthened in the faith. On his birthday he was dressed in each of the precious mantle bishop and adopted the shepherd's crook on hand. He loaded his donkey with a heavy sack. He was filled with apples, nuts, mandarins and honey cake.He gradually through the streets and distributed the gifts and made this day a great celebration. That he did so until old age. And as the hour came because God wanted to bring him home, he fell just one hard, that he is for the children to be separated. More detail in Christmas story please visit www.christmastreespirit.com


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